How to define Email-to-Board addresses

Defining an Email-to-Board address for Hipporello takes only a few clicks.

  • Click on the Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up button on the top right of your Trello board, then click Hipporello Admin. From the top menu, click on the Email to Board button.
  • From the top menu, click on the Email to Board button.

    Access Email to Board Menu

  • On this screen, click on the New Email-to-Board Address button.

    Choose New Email to Board Address

  • Enter a new Email-to-Board address of your choosing and click on the Create Email-to-Board Address button.

    Enter New Email to Board Address

  • You can choose any word or name for this new Email-to-Board address as per the needs of your company, such as info, help, support, etc. The extension is created automatically by Hipporello.

  • When you create your Email-to-Board address, Email Address Settings screen will open automatically. From here, choose which Trello list you prefer your emails to appear. You can also create conditions for the incoming emails, and decide whether you'd like to receive attachments inside the cards or not.

You can forward emails from your team email accounts like support@, help@, jobs@, sales@ etc. to the defined Email-to-Board address. This can be done from your email client. Each email forwarded to your email-to-board address will also appear on your Trello board.