How can I connect two or more Trello boards to one Hipporello Service Desk using board key?

If you want to have multiple boards with the Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up activated and linked to the same Hipporello Service Desk, you can connect these boards by following the directions below:

  1. Access your Hipporello Admin page by clicking the Hipporello button on the top right of your Trello board, then on Hipporello Admin.
  2. Click on the Settings button, then go to User Portal. On the “Connected Boards” section, click on the “Show Trello Board Key” button under Actions.

  1. Click on the Copy Board Key button. This will copy your board key to the clipboard so you can paste when you need it.

  1. Navigate to the other Trello board that you wish to connect. Click on Attach a New Trello Board button. Paste your Trello board key and press the Save button.

  1. The Success message on the top right part of your screen will appear once your boards are connected.

- You can use “Synchronize Trello Board Data” under actions to sync Trello Boards that you've connected.

- By clicking on the “Automation User”, you can choose any other Trello board member on behalf of whom automated actions will be executed. In the default version, the person who installs the Hipporello Service Desk is the automation user.

- It is also possible to click “Disconnect” under Actions to disconnect the Trello Board you wish to remove.