How billing works at Hipporello Service Desk

What are agents? Who are billable users at Hipporello?

A unique member of a Trello board (admins, normal members and observers) connected to a Hipporello Service Desk Portal counts as an agent towards billing. Billing is done at portal level as in some cases you might have multiple Trello boards attached to one Hipporello Service Desk Portal. If one person is a member on two boards linked to one portal, they are considered one agent in billing. See the example below for further clarification:

Scenario 1: You have one Trello board with 10 members and this is your only Trello board linked to Hipporello Service Desk Portal. In that case, billing is done monthly based on 10 agents.

Scenario 2: You have 2 Trello boards (Board A and Board B) linked to one Hipporello Service Desk Portal. You have Jane, Emily and Anne on Board A and Jane, Adam and Suzy on Board B. In this case, you have a total of 6 members, but 5 unique Trello board members, which are considered agents towards billing. In that case, you’ll be charged for 5 agents (seats) at Hipporello Service Desk.

Changes in agent count

The changes in your member count across months has billing implications. The system bills you for the people that are members of your Trello boards linked to your Hipporello Service Desk Portal each month. So if you add someone mid-term, you pay for the prorated monthly rate for the rest of your term.

If you deactivate or remove a member from your Trello board, then the following month you will pay for one less person.

Note that seat counts are managed automatically and you don’t need to manage seats manually whenever there’s a change.

Removing or deactivating a member from a Trello board frees up their seat which can then be assigned to a different user without additional charge. This lets you transfer seats to new members as many times as you like within your billing term.

In order to replace a billed user, first remove the user from the Trello board, and then add another member. Your credit card will not be billed for their access as long as you don’t exceed the number of member seats you’ve purchased. If you aren’t sure of the number of seats purchased, you can see your billing details on the Plans & Billing tab on your Hipporello Admin Panel.

Premium-only features explained:

The features below are available in the Premium plan and are missing in the Free plan: For more information on pricing plans, see our pricing page.

Unlimited Trello cards by Hipporello

A unique Trello card is created for every received email and form submission. Hipporello’s free package has a limit of 15 Trello cards per month, and once you hit this limit, Hipporello Service Desk will not be creating Trello cards for incoming emails or form submissions, which might mean communication breakdowns with your portal visitors and clients. In that case, we do show a “Form submission failed” message to those trying to submit forms.

If the number of your incoming Trello cards is over 15 per month, you need to subscribe to Premium to prevent this scenario from happening and continue communication with your clients smoothly.

Custom domain

Every Hipporello Service Desk Portal you create comes with a unique web address. You may not change the domain, but it is possible to customize the first part of your address. Custom domain helps you to connect your own web address to make your service desk portal more personalized.

Example: A domain is automatically defined as “” during setup. If you already have a support web address such as “”, you can use this domain for your portal with custom domain configuration available on the Premium plan.

Emails from selected addresses and domains

You can use access policies for the email addresses you create with Hipporello’s email-to-board feature. With access policies in the email-to-board feature, you can define specific email addresses and domains from which you’d like to get emails to your Trello board. Other emails will be ignored and not create a Trello card on your Trello board.

Private Forms

Forms you create are publicly visible on your Service Desk Portal page by default. Anybody with the link can see and fill out these forms and thus create cards with details of this form on your Trello board. Defining form-specific access policies allows you to make your forms private and accessible only to certain email addresses or email domains.

SMTP (Custom outgoing email)

When you reply to clients through Trello cards that are created through forms or emails, Hipporello uses an email address defined for your portal. If you want to customize and use your own email address for outgoing messages, you can use SMTP settings to connect any type of email address to your Service Desk Portal.

Example: Your Hipporello email address by default would be “”. If you already have an email address as “”, and you want to use this email address for outgoing emails from Hipporello Portal, you need to configureSMTP settings available on the Premium plan.

Advanced automation (coming soon)

Hipporello's automation will be improved and the new improvements will be available to the Premium subscribers. With the upcoming automation improvements, you'll be able to send notifications to selected members of a Trello board and update custom fields automatically.

Removing Hipporello branding

Hipporello Service Desk has a referral badge on every portal page. The branding badge is removable on the Premium plan only.

Increased attachment file size (250MB max)

Your clients can attach files to forms if you have this field on the published form. Hipporello's free package only offers 10MB max file size per attachment. Subscribing to Premium allows you to receive bigger files as attachments of up to 250MB through forms.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions about our pricing.