10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. I cannot authorize Hipporello Service Desk although I’m a Trello board member. What should I do?

Only Trello board administrators can authorize Hipporello. If you aren’t an admin on the Trello board, you need to be added as a board admin in the first place. Being an account administrator or Trello board member is not enough for the authorization process.

2. Can we change the language of the service desk?

Yes, you can set your service desk in one of the 10 languages we offer as a starting point. More languages are on the way. To edit the service desk language, go to Language settings > Service Desk Language. Here you can change the languages of the Hipporello service desk and the admin panel.

3. Do my users/requesters need to have a Hipporello Service Desk account to fill in and submit a form?

Not necessarily. If you set your Access Policy to the public, anyone with the link can fill in and submit a form.

4. How can I get alerted when a new card is created via form or email?

You will be alerted through Trello’s notification system.

5. How can I link two Trello boards to one Hipporello Service Desk?

When you install the Hipporello power-up on a board, you will be given two options: to create a new portal or to add that board to one of your existing portals. By choosing an existing portal, you’ll be able to connect two Trello boards to your existing Hipporello Service Desk.

6. Is it possible to change the background of the service desk with a company banner and logo?

Yes, you can use your company/organization banner as the background of your service desk from the Service Desk Settings -> Design & Content.

7. Can I add an e-signature field on the forms?

Yes. The e-signature element can be found among the rich set of elements on the form builder.

8. How do I close an open Hipporello case?

You can close a case by archiving the Trello card, where the Hipporello case appears on.

9. Can I see the number of form submissions on my user portal?

Yes, you can have an overview of your data using Hipporello Analytics. Click the Hipporello button on the top right of your board, click Hipporello Admin. You can click Analytics on the top menu to see your statistics.

10. How can I forward emails from my team email inbox (i.e. support@, sales@, etc) to my Trello board?

You can forward emails from your team email inbox by defining email-to-board address(es) on Hipporello. Once you define one, Hipporello creates a card on your Trello board for each received email. To do so, go to the Email-to-Board menu and define an email address.