Start blogging by writing and publishing your blog from inside Trello. Build authority. Strengthen your online presence.

No credit card required

All you need is a free Trello account

How Blog Power-up Works

Create a category and a blog article with a blog cover in a Trello card



Drag and drop the card across lists to publish the blog on your web portal


Share your blog page link online to attract visitors

Update your blog and add new content on the go


Features you actually need

Everything essential is ready at your hand. No learning process, no time investment.

Get your blog page live in 2 minutes

Start bringing your ideas to life collaboratively on your editorial workflow on Trello.

Design your blog and publish it on your ready-to-go blog page.

Organize and maintain your content with ease.

Blog Page

Create a blog page, write and publish blog posts from inside Trello and enjoy easy hosting and management.

Blog Posts as Trello Cards

Create, edit, review and publish blog posts on cardback inside Trello.

Frictionless Collaboration

Cooperate with team members on Trello, see real-time updates and write blog posts collaboratively.

Get the whole story of your blog writing with Trello's Kanban view

Enhance visibility and transparency by enabling everyone to instantly see how work is moving through the blogging process.

Leverage the competence of your team with Trello’s powerful and flexible approach, rendering your workflow stable and predictable.

Unlimited Posts or Content

Customize your web portal, card views, design of your app or many other elements to your business needs.

Easy Blogging

Start your individual or company blog without worrying about hosting, blog page or tools. Write and publish from inside Trello.

Communication over Trello Cards

Communicate with team members over the conversation module on Trello cards. Review drafts and ask questions.

Easier than most blogging platforms

Customize your blog page to reflect your brand, and deliver your message.

Draw more readers from search engines with the SEO-optimized structure.

See how you perform, and act based on results.


Define triggers and actions and automate mundane tasks. Save time, reduce costs.

SEO-optimized Blogging Platform

Customize URL text and titles, set meta tags and control how search engines display your page.

Results Reporting

Instantly start your blog page and Improve your web presence as a company. Attract more customers.

Make content collaboration a breeze

Ditch emails, phone calls and internal communication tools. Talk to your team in-Trello and have the most up-to-date conversations.

Invite non-Trello content writers, translators or freelancers to your web portal, and collaborate on one tool without any chaos.

Elevate your Trello experience

Already a Trello fan? Then get ready to fly higher.

We turn Trello boards into business process engines, just as we bring end-to-end blog publishing and editorial collaboration scenarios come to life on Trello.

Ready to launch editorial workflow

Kick start your blogging by working with a pre-built template, utilizing Trello's collaboration skills.

End-to-end blogging process on one tool

Reclaim control over the entire editorial workflow from blog ideas to publishing posts on your website.

Single point of communication

Keep all comments, reviews, visuals, and collaboration at one place. Do not get distracted.