Streamline your approval processes on Trello.

Increase transparency, and save time.

No credit card required

All you need is a free Trello account

How Approvals Power-up Works

Request approvals from inside a Trello card by clicking a button.


Set the reviewers in your process. You can choose Trello members or non-Trello users as reviewers.


Reviewers provide or reject approvals after reviewing the Trello card.


View the comments section of the card to see details of the approval process.


Features you actually need

Everything essential is ready at your hand. No learning process, no time investment.

Get your Approvals solution live in 2 minutes!

Request approvals for any process on a card on Trello.

Define who can approve and reject requests.

Approve and reject requests on Trello and see the process log for maximum transparency.

Standardize processes and reduce errors

Build a clear workflow of approval steps and make sure everybody is on the same page on Trello's Kanban.

Attend to situations that need your action instantly with real-time email notifications.

Customize and brand your Approvals Power-Up
to your needs

Customize your portal page appearance, from fonts and logos to cover images. Reflect your brand.

Configure general appearance settings to keep the same branding across all your Power-Ups by Hipporello.

Manage approval processes on Trello, where your team is already collaborating

Centralize your work processes in Trello and enjoy the familiar features of Kanban system.

Collaborate with team members to assign approver roles, request and manage approvals. See updates easily with Trello's visual interface.