Use Trello as a recruitment platform. Manage recruitment process with job ads, applicants and communications on Trello.

No credit card required

All you need is a free Trello account

How Applicant Tracking Power-up Works

Publish a job opening on a web portal by creating a card and dragging & dropping the card across lists.


Share web portal link online for potential candidates to apply


Receive job applications in your Trello board as unique Trello cards.


Communicate with applicants right from Trello cards using conversation module.


Features you actually need

Everything essential is ready at your hand. No learning process, no time investment.

Start hiring and recruiting in 2 minutes

Design and post your job openning on your branded career page in two minutes. Receive job applications on your Trello board.

Improve your work processes and efficiency with predefined forms and workflows.

Careers Page

Define user roles or user groups to assign access rights to Trello cards and ensure data privacy.

Job Ads Design

Design a job ad by filling out a form from inside Trello and publish it in minutes.

Job Applications as Trello cards

With forms-to-Trello feature, you can receive all job applications as uniques Trello cards in your board.

Keep track of applicant management with Trello's Kanban view

Enhance visibility and transparency by enabling everyone to instantly see how work is moving through the recruitment workflow.

Leverage the competence of your team with Trello’s powerful and flexible approach, rendering your workflow stable and predictable.

Collaborative Hiring

Cooperate with team members on Trello and evaluate and hire applicants collaboratively.

Recruitment Pipeline on Trello

Turn your Trello lists into stages of your hiring pipeline and stay updated at all times.

Communication over Trello Cards

Communicate with applicants and ask for certificates or further information over Trello cards.

Make smarter collaborative hiring decisions

Ditch emails, phone calls and internal communication tools. Talk to your team in-Trello and have the most up-to-date conversations.

Follow up with candidates about their progress in the recruitment pipeline over Trello cards with automated messages.


Customize your web portal, card views, design of your app or many other elements to your business needs.


Define triggers and actions and automate mundane tasks. Save time, reduce costs.

Role and Access Management

Define roles and role-based access rights to share just enough data with different parties. Ensure data privacy.

Improve employer presence and candidate experience

Let candidates keep track of their status on the applicant status page & give real-time feedback.

Build your online employer presence with consistent job ads and customizable designs that reflect your brand.

Elevate your Trello experience

Already a Trello fan? Then get ready to fly higher.

We turn Trello boards into business process engines, just like how we bring end-to-end recruitment scenarios come to life on Trello.

Ready to launch recruitment flow

Kick start your recruitment by working with a pre-built template, combined with Trello's simplicity

End-to-end hiring process on one tool

Reclaim control over the entire hiring process from job ad design to follow ups with candidates.

Single point of communication

Communicate with candidates over Trello cards while enjoying collaboration with internal Trello teams.